Black History? But it’s Only January…

By Njoli Brown

Black History isn’t a February thing.  I think we’ve all realize by now that it is a history interwoven into the story which brings us all to our here and today.  I recognize the import of establishing a time to focus on a legacy that has been overlooked for the better part of, well, a loooooong time and continues to be.  But still we lock it into that one month and refer to it as an anomalous affair as if it’s an opportunity to recount fairy tales.  Whether we want to look at our African-American legacy or the innumerable contributions of African peoples over the ages, how do we break that bind that maintains a continually segregationist account of the human story? Truth be told, I’m sure I don’t have the answer.

But this year I’ve decided to make a practice of establishing black history as a substantial and integral part of world history and world history as part of every day’s social study in my classes.

rough africa map

Get it started….

You Don’t Know Africa


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