It’s Already Happening: Integrating the Classroom & Social Action

By Njoli Brown

One of the big struggles that we as teachers and facilitators often encounter is connecting the things we do in the classroom to the much larger world outside.  I know this is a motivation for us all, the hope that our students will take their skills and recognize the application opportunities that present themselves in their day-to-day.  One of the greatest resources we have is the city in which we live. 

Finding a “cause calendar” online will give you a sense of the innumerable social projects going on all around town.  Within the scope of each, there are an array of special events and perhaps one of these is in alignment with your club’s values.As we talked about in our most recent Empowerment Lab, always come back to the values and find the passion there. Field trips, initiatives or even just an inspiration, exposing your students to real world causes can give them some context for the skills which they have been developing and give a tactile sensibility to concepts which can, at times, seem abstract.

Por exemplo…

2014 Cause Awareness Days

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