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Our community talking about their own projects and the issues that inspire them to take action.  With all of the occasions where our art and intentions are misrepresented, OnBlast! is a chance for us to express our passions in our own words.  Perhaps we even inspire others to take the chances they didn’t realize possible.

5 Questions!

5 focused questions taking you into the mind of the artist, the activist, the world changer.  Recently I approached an old friend about featuring him in NoPaper.  When he gave me a “Sure, shoot me 4 or 5 questions and I’ll get’em back to you.” I took the challenge literally.  Precious moments, sometimes we only have a few to get to the root of things.  So I figured I’d design a category centered around my practice of getting to the meat of things.

Black, Brown, Colored

People of color breaking molds and bending paradigms in art, dance, poetry, short stories, social and academic thought.

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Teaching, learning, traveling, exploring, telling story, listening actively, being actively.

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