Washington, You Break My Heart

Washington breaks my heart

It breaks my heart with its beauty

It is heart breaking hard and is protected with pillows wrapped in solar panels and decorated with barbs

It holds my love

robes it in bicycle chains and forgets itselfForgets that it is stitching with cold and water and kisses.

Washington breaks my heart

when it won’t let itself be whole

when it cuts itself to pieces

when it loves itself

when it liberates itself

when it riddles itself with caves and hidden places

and broken ladders



New Vision Philly with Haamza Edwards

Brothers and sisters, I can’t tell you how happy I am to feature my man Haamza Edwards in this edition of OnBlast!  Haamza has been looking deep in Philly for quite a while so I’m so pleased that he’s decided to share some of his work and insights.  I’m sure we’ll be seeing more as the years go on…


Abundant in art of all kinds, Philadelphia is full of positive energy to fuel my passion of photography. Having a standard of how I want my pictures to turn out, they always instill the emotion I was capturing into the audience.

I started shooting with a camera phone and never imagined that I would receive so much praise for my pictures. Knowing that people enjoyed my work was more than enough inspiration to keep me going. At the time, I didn’t have a clear set method or style. If I recall correctly, I think my exact thoughts were, “Shoot anything that looks cool!” And it served me well…mostly. As time passed, I saw a pattern in my in my shots and I immediately felt like I accomplished something amazing. I then considered myself a photographer.

To this day, following the trail of street art with graffiti, dancing, music, martial arts, and even other photographers and videographers has given me a vast horizon of endless photos just waiting to be taken. Not much more to say other than, I love photography.







Play at work


Social Networking

Into the bosses office


A play at work



Social Networking


No play at work

Late again

First draft

Into the bosses office

2nd chance

4th… 5th…

No play at work


Black Boys in the Woods

They won’t let us

black boys in the woods

We might run too far

might get caught up in a tangle

might get somewhere no one can follow

We got bugaboos and injuns all kinda scary unknowns

Cabin life and familiar beatin’s be much better

Nowadays we don’t know why

But we know they don’t let us

black boys in the woods

Better kept safe without windows

We’re gon’ tunnel ’round under concrete

Officers can run their hands up and down my thighs

and love my brothers the same way

my cousins

my neighbors

my friends

Bridges might collapse

Roads might crumble

There’s no breathing


the way fresh air requires

Big cats

Don’t know fir for Nike

catfish ’til it’s fried

Someone’s taken your land

Someone’s lengthened your legs

and shortened your reach

They won’t let us black boys

in the woods

We’ll refuse

to touch the soil again