The Purpose Behind Hard Training

By Njoli Brown

Sometimes, when practicing a martial art in our contemporary and tremendously litigious society it gets forgotten, the purpose of hard training for ourselves and for the benefit of our partners.  Societal constraints give us the false sense that there are boundaries in violent conflict.  But in truth, once someone has made the decision to commit an assault, they have thrown all of those inhibitions to the winds.

Making time for hard training in your practice is not only for the sake of physical development but for the sake of honing your spirit. How else will you become acquainted with fear and exhaustion and difficulty and pain and know that they are not the end of things? Martial training is our preparation for battle (in all the ways that manifests itself) and so has to be approached with the same seriousness, commitment and gravitas.

 “You can only fight the way you practice” 
 Miyamoto MusashiA Book of Five Rings

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